Covid 19 Policies

The following are a list of guidelines we will be following at all launches until the restrictions are lifted:


  • We ask that each person who plans to attend a launch "pre-check" themselves before leaving their homes for the site. This includes a temperature check. Any individual with a cold or flu is required to stay home.


  • To improve social distancing, we will be using 5 individual pads for sport launches versus the gang launch pad.


  • We will be establishing a check in lane at all launches to maintain social distancing of 6' or greater.


  • Cars will be required to park a minimum of 10' from each other.


  • Since we are outside, masks are not required provided we maintain adequate social distancing. However, the wearing of a mask will be required if you are within a person's 6' radius. We want everyone attending the launch to feel safe and comfortable.


  • For all "high power" and certification launches, we will be requiring gloves and masks for tests, and model check-in.


  • Each individual is to bring their own pen for certification flights.


  • Each individual is responsible for bringing their own masks, hand sanitizer, wipes and gloves.


  • We will not have a porta john on site during any 2021 launches or events.


Just to reiterate - we will not rush to re-engage in our activities. We have little appetite to start our re-engagement with an activity that traditionally has drawn several dozen participants. We intend to ramp up our activities in a progressive manner that places a priority on the public health of our membership and guests. I ask that all members please adhere to the intent and spirit of this policy and help to protect all who would be attending a launch from the possible infection of this virus. We look forward to seeing you at this Sunday's launch.


Although unlikely, if for some reason we were to be moved back to yellow, we would be requiring pre-registration roughly 2 days prior to each launch to assure no more than 25 people with the possibility of two launch shifts.

The registration link developed by Duane Wilkey is located on this site Registration. I wanted you to be aware we had a contingency plan in place had the launch site remained in yellow.


Thank you.

John Pace

President PSC 473