Pittsburgh Space Command

EST 1986

"Western Pennsylvania's Model Rocket Club"

2011 - National Champions


Welcome to the PSC Forums!

PSC Forum Rules -

1.  In order to participate in these forums you must register.  When registering your e-mail address, it must be

an address previously registered with the Pittsburgh Space Command, Tripoli Pittsburgh, or some

other rocket group. In other words, if we can't figure out who you are, you will not get access.

Please contact the webmaster at rsalex-at-aol.com to join the forum.


2. Please remember to be civil on these boards.  Foul language and inappropriate postings

will be deleted and you risk having your account terminated.


3. PSC reserves the right to delete/ban/terminate posts and user accounts at its discretion.


4. The sole purpose of these forums is to enhance communication and interaction within the PSC rocketry

community and with its friends concerning the advancement of model rocketry in the Western Pennsylvania area.


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