Pittsburgh Space Command

EST 1986

"Western Pennsylvania's Model Rocket Club"

2011 - National Champions



Sport Flight Cards

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Fill 'em out at home and have more time for flying at the field!


Sport Flying

Sport flying is model rocketry for those who want to fly rockets just for the fun of it. There are no points awarded, it's just fun for the family. There are a few basic safety rules that must be followed. These rules are simple, easy to follow, and can be found in the NAR Safety Code that can be found in kits.

Sport flying is a lot of fun and is a great family hobby. There are hundreds of kits that can be built, or you can be creative and build your own rocket from scratch. Either way, we have a phenomenal flying field for you to fly your rocket at. Weber Farm is our new flying field. It is a huge field without many trees. We also have an 8,700 foot waiver for high power flights!

Bring the family out to Grove City for a day or two of fun flying in a family-friendly atmosphere!