Steel City Smoke Trail 8

June 14 & 15 2008


Here are photos that were taken at Steel City Smoke Trail 8. The photos were taken on Sunday June 15th.  Photos are courtesy Art Nestor, John Sarosi, and Francis Graham. If you have information about these photos or have more photos of the launch please e-mail the PSC webmaster.. Also, click here to see the contest results.



Here are photos of the range tent.  The range ran both the contest and the sport flights.



On the left John Brohm at the range tent. Right some of the competitors tents.

Some photos of Art Nestor preping his Aerotech Initator



Left, the launch of the Initiator on Aerotech Black Max engine.  On the right, Art recovering the model. It is hard to see the Initiatior in the photo, so click on the photo to see a larger version of the photo.  


On the left, according to John Brohm, this is Bruce Canino preping his model for launch.  While on the right, Steve Foster getting his R/C rocket glider ready for launch.


Left, another photo of Steve and his glider.  Right, a launch of Russell Cummins' Estes Rubicom on a D engine.



Left, Brian Guzek hooking the leads to his Estes Mosquito scaled up clone.  It is a several engine cluster model. Only one or two engines ignited.  Right, Brian getting his prize from Steve Foster from the Mini Raffle.

On the left John Sarosi's Quest Nike Smoke.   Right John's Semroc Defender waiting launch on three A8-3. Only one ignited.  The model had minor damage.

John's Semoroc Aerobee Hi getting ready to launch on a A8-3.



On the left a model of a North Korean Missile, Teapodong-2. Right, the landing of a Rasko 2 scale model, a rocket of Poland.


Left Sarah and Peter.  Right, your web master, John Sarosi, placing his Estes Navy Seahawk model on the pad.   He flew it on a D12-5.

Left, a Rasko 2 scale mode waiting to be launched.   While on the right a Joe Peklicz kit, a Styro FO waiting to be launched.

The Stro FO during boost...

.... and at apogee.

Left, another photo of the range tent. While right, The Bird Flu.  A rocket that launches 12 eggs.  But they are plastic.