NAR Section #473


Pittsburgh Space Command is a sanctioned section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). Since its inception in 1986 the club has brought rocketeers together from all over Western Pennsylvania to enjoy sport, high power and contest rocketry. During that time our club has safely launched over 22,000 rockets of all sizes and shapes.


Our launch site, located east of Grove City, PA is easy to access and with over 800 acres, is an excellent site for all types of rocket flights.


The club's launch equipment can support most types of flights, from 1/4A to K (and L and M with advanced notice), so we've got you covered.


Whether you are new to rocketry, or are an experienced rocketeer looking to join in the fun with our club, please feel free to come to one of our monthly launches and see what we are all about.

Next Launch:     February 20th

Launch Time:    Noon- 3PM

Launch Status: GO


Last Update 23Jan 2022

Covid-19 Updates

Pittsburgh Space Command is following the current PA State Health Department Guidelines on public gatherings. For everyone's safety social distancing requirements will be in place. Thank you in advance.


As the PA Guidelines change, updates will be posted here.The Club's Covid Policy and Guidelines are HERE. Please click on the link to review it. It is the responsibility of all flyers and spectators to read the policy and follow it.

Website Status

This site is under construction. Pages and links will be added over the next couple of months.  Thank you for your patience.

Newsletter Status

Newsletter production is currently on hiatus due to the lack of a Newsletter Editor. Past issues will be posted on this site as time allows. 


If you are interested in filling the position of  Newsletter Editor and resuming production of Team Pittsburgh,  please contact our Section Advisor.

Special End of Year Photo Page




At our last launch of the year we hosted 19 students and their respective parents and teachers from Sylvania Northview HS, Sylvania Ohio.  They made the three and a half hour journey so that the students of Mr. Richard Sharp's engineering class could attempt their Level One NAR Jr HPR certification.  They all made it with no failures! Congratulations gang!  We also had somewhere around 10 CMU students attempt their Level One TRA certifications, while we don't have the numbers on how many were successful, we're pretty sure most of them made it. Congratulations to the CMU gang as well.  If you were counting that was just under 30 certifications in less than 3 hours. What a busy and fun filled day.  Anyways, click here if you'd like to see what paying forward to this great hobby of ours looks like.

End of Season Photos














Photos of the Month


Great flying season gang. Thanks to everyone who came out and flew with PSC!


 Photos courtesy of Jess Fire , Brian Henry , and Nathan and Matt Thorne