NAR Section #473


Pittsburgh Space Command is a sanctioned section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR). Since its inception in 1986 the club has brought rocketeers together from all over Western Pennsylvania to enjoy sport, high power and contest rocketry. During that time our club has safely launched over 22,000 rockets of all sizes and shapes.


Our launch site, located east of Grove City, PA is easy to access and with over 800 acres, is an excellent site for all types of rocket flights.


The club's launch equipment can support most types of flights, from 1/4A to K (and L and M with advanced notice), so we've got you covered.


Whether you are new to rocketry, or are an experienced rocketeer looking to join in the fun with our club, please feel free to come to one of our monthly launches and see what we are all about.

Next Launch:      Jan 22nd

Launch Time:    Noon-3 PM

Launch Status: CANCELLED


Last Update  19 JAN 2023

Fun Fly Event - April 2023

The club has planned a few fun things for the membership to try this year. First up is a fun fly contest to test your modeling skills. We're calling this one the  Sounding Rocket Sendoff.  (Contest Flier Below)


This is a build and fly contest where everyone attending gets to vote on their favorite models. We hope you decide to participate.


 Click here for the rules


Good luck!

PSC Business/Planning Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes for 2023 have been posted here for your perusal.  We have some exciting things planned for 2023. Please take a few minutes and look them over. 

Covid-19 Policy

Pittsburgh Space Command encourages you to take whatever precautions you deem necessary to protect you, your friends and your family from Covid-19 while enjoying yourself at our monthly launches. We also ask that everyone respect each individual’s choices of how they choose to deal with Covid while attending our launches.

Newsletter Status

Newsletter production is currently on hiatus due to the lack of a Newsletter Editor. Past issues will be posted on this site as time allows. 


If you are interested in filling the position of  Newsletter Editor and resuming production of Team Pittsburgh,  please contact our Section Advisor.

November 2022





Photos of the Month


End of the Year Joint Launch with Tripoli Pittsburgh


 Photos and video courtesy of Ernie Marsh