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2023 Rocketry Contests


PSC has planned several contests this year for our members and guests alike.  Contest rules and contacts are posted on this page for you to reference.  We hope that you decide to come out and try your hand at competition flying. It is a fun way to add another dimension to your rocketry experience.  The person(s) in charge of each event are here to help.  If you have any questions about any of the competitions, please use the provided e-mail addresses to submit your questions to the contest director. 


DateLaunch TypeTimeLocationPorta John
April 16thPSC Sounding Rocket Send Off11:00 AM  - 4:00 PMWeber Farm


June 3rdSCST XXIII - Mix n. Match9:00 AM  - 5:00 PMWeber Farm


June 4thSCST XXIII - Mix n' Match9:00 AM - 2:00 PMWeber Farm


October 21stCMMF XI - TBA9:00 AM  - 5:00 PMWeber Farm


October 22ndCMMF XI - TBA9:00 AM - 2:00 PMWeber Farm


Fun Fly Event - Spetember 2023

October's Contest
The Carl McLawhorn Memorial Fly--Off XI is coming in late October of this year. Click on the PDF icon to download a registration form if you'd like to enter.

Registration Form


Competition - June 2023

Mix-N-Match Event – June 3 and 4 2023


From the Contest Director:

For this year’s normally scheduled spring Steel City Smoke Trail contest event the club is doing something a little different, it should be fun for the normal competitor as well as for someone what’s to get involved and try something new. You get to try up to five events (you do not have to fly all five motors), pick the events that best suit your building and flying skills and match them up with the motors that will give you the best total score. For the altitude event you can use any altimeter that will fit in your model if you happen to have a (track lost) in this event you can re-fly without using up your mulligan. However the duration events are pretty much standard for NAR competition if you DQ those flights you will need to use your mulligan to re-fly. If you have any questions regarding the event you can contact Steve Foster at or Rod Schafer at

Have fun and good luck!


Update 4-11:


A message from Steve Foster:


Hello PSC members and friends:

No doubt you’re all busy finishing your Sounding Rockets this week for this month’s launch, the Sounding Rocket Sendoff. But hopefully you’ve saved your large plastic Easter egg capsules so that you can build an egg-lofter to fly in June. That’s right - in less than 2 months, our annual spring Steel City Smoke Trail contest event will arrive, and this year the event will have a bit of a twist. The details are provided in the flyer and text below, as well as on our website –

The SCST flights will be based on NAR standard event timing and flight qualification rules; for most of the planned events this just means the model need to stay together for the entire flight and come down safely. For the altitude event, the flight just needs to return the altimeter for reading. In the glider event, the glider will need to glide but you can separate it from the pod or fly it as a rocket glider (no separate pod needed). For the egg lofter event, the model must return with the raw egg fully intact. Overall, most of the events are straight forward with simple builds; plans are available on the NAR website for all events including gliders and helicopters. Just remember, for best success build light, and keep in mind that reliability will win the day (or weekend in this case). If you have any questions contact Rod Schafer or myself – Steve Foster.

Thanks – Good flying weather is on the way

Fun Fly Event - April 2023

The club has planned a few fun things for the membership to try this year. First up is a fun fly contest to test your modeling skills. We're calling this one the  Sounding Rocket Sendoff.  (Contest Flier Below)


This is a build and fly contest where everyone attending gets to vote on their favorite models. We hope you decide to participate.


 Click here for the rules


Good luck!